Cassata Bakery Honey Chocolate Truffles

Luscious honey-laced chocolate truffles made from a blend of milk and dark chocolate, coated in silky cocoa rouge.
A sophisticated palate, that still loves the sweetness of milk chocolate and honey sticks from childhood; this is how our blend was born. Deep 72% dark chocolate marries with just the right amount of velvety 38% milk chocolate producing our signature blend. Our honey comes from our East Coast heritage, harvested by Merrimack Valley Apiaries, a family owned honeybee farm, born out of historic victory gardens when the Greater Boston Area was still a predominantly rural community. Our unmistakably creamy chocolate ganache is a stand out from your standard truffle.
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*Truffles and Pasticcini are produced without gluten, however are produced in a facility containing all common allergens.