FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


May I send Cassata Bakery products as a gift?

Yes - Please do! In fact, Cassata Bakery was specifically designed to make gourmet gift giving easy. Select your gifts online, provide the gifting details and have the package sent directly to the recipient. Keep reading below for helpful gift information.

Do you do large bulk or corporate orders?

We would love to work together whenever possible. 

For Bulk or Corporate Orders, Please reach out to Orders@CassataBakery.com


How do I indicate that this is a gift? How about multiple gifts?

Within each product page, note the “Is this a gift?” checkbox. Add a check mark within this box to personalize a gift message and then ‘add to cart’.

For individual gifts, simply enter the gift message details that are requested on the product page and then “Add to Cart”. Once you reach the ‘Cart’ page, enter the gift recipient’s mailing address.

For orders containing multiple gifts, you will also have the option to personalize each message and address.  (Tip: To make the process easy, we recommend that you add your gifts to your cart one at a time, entering the relevant gift messages as you go.)

Once you reach the cart page - be sure to select the check mark next to 'Ship to multiple addresses' at the top of the page. This will create a drop-down message within your cart which says 'Choose from a saved address'. Click this drop-down and select the option which says 'New Address.'  Enter the address for each gift, then proceed to checkout to enter your payment details.


How do I add a gift message?

On the product pages, note the “Is this a gift?” checkbox. Once you have checked this box, additional information will be requested for your gift note. When you reach the ‘Cart’ page, you will be asked to enter the gift recipient address for each item. Each Cassata Bakery Gift comes with a Custom Handwritten Gift Note.


If I send a gift, will the recipient be informed that a package is on the way?

When placing an item in your cart, select this a gift. In addition to the “To”, “From” and “Message” fields, you will see a field to enter “Recipient's Email Address”. Provide your gift recipient's email address to let them know that a shipment is on the way. If you would prefer that they not be notified in advance, simply leave this field blank.


Where do I place gift recipient addresses?

If you are shipping to multiple addresses you must add each new address on the ‘Cart’ page. When you have reached the cart page (https://cassatabakery.com/a/gs/cart/) add a new address by simply selecting the drop down menu on the shipping address field,  and the “plus” (+) add button You can populate the shipping address fields for your new recipient.


Can I order both the Gift Satchel and book as one gift bundle?

Yes! We have bundled the dusty pink book with our Limited Edition Rose Pasticcini and Honey Chocolate Truffles in our Cassata Bakery Satchel. 


What Covid safety protocols are in place?

Safety is our highest priority. As a result, we have a robust safety plan in place to make our gifts and workplace as safe as possible. First, all of our recipes are prepared in a licensed kitchen using standard food safety protocols. Additionally, COVID-19 safety measures are implemented including but not limited to: face masks, gloves, hats, hair nets, and frequent sanitation of all surfaces and equipment. 



What was the inspiration for these recipes?

Like all great creations, the inspiration for each recipe came from life experiences and cherished memories.


How long will these baked goods and confections stay fresh?

All of our products are produced without preservatives for optimal taste and freshness. Like all bakeries, we recommend that you enjoy each recipe as soon as possible. Each product is individually packed and sealed. Our most delicate recipes include ‘Best By’ dates on the labels, including our truffles which should be refrigerated or frozen upon receipt (that is – unless you eat them all first!).

Note that we recommend enjoying the Truffles and Pasticcini by 3/01/21. Please refrigerate the Truffles upon receipt. We think that keeping the truffles in the freezer is a trade secret (that we are happy to share!).

Do these recipes contain allergens?

Yes, please take note of the product labels for a complete list of ingredients, including an allergen statement which is listed in bold. Additionally, please note that these products are produced in a multi-use kitchen facility that processes: milk; egg; fish; crustacean shellfish; tree nuts; wheat; peanuts; soybeans. All products may contain trace amounts of the above.


Are the recipes gluten free?

Some of our recipes are made with gluten free ingredients (specifically our Honey Chocolate Truffles, Golden Almonds, Pasticcini and Blonde Caramels). However, please be aware that our products are produced in a multi-use kitchen facility that processes gluten containing products. If you have a gluten allergy, we cannot guarantee that our products do not contain a trace amount of gluten, and are currently not gluten-tested.



When are the products shipped and received?

Orders of our Cassata Bakery Valentine's Love Satchels willl ship fresh on Saturday February 6th to arrive ahead of Valentine's Week. Orders of "Clean Enough" with ship with the bakery schedule.  Please note that the U.S. Post Office iexperienced historic shipping volumes for Holiday 2020. We do not anticipate the same delays for Valentine's and have taken measures to ship earlier.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please be in touch with our team at orders@cassatabakery.com  


How much does it cost for Shipping?

We ship the gift case USPS Priority for $11.95. Shipping for the book Clean Enough is $5.00 flat via USPS.  


When will Cassata Bakery release the next Gift Case Collection?

We are delighted to be Sending Love this Valentine's. Stay tuned as we create what Cassata Bakery is in the future, specifically Holiday 2021.


Who do I reach out to for questions or concerns?

Please reach out to <orders@cassatabakery.com>. We will work with you to resolve any issues or concerns.


How can I help spread the word about Cassata Bakery?

Please share the love on social media by following us and tagging us on Instagram and Facebook!  Find us @cassatabakery


Can I use more than one Coupon Code?

Only one discount code may be applied per order. Thank you for gifting with Cassata Bakery.