Our Ingredient Purveyors

Cassata Bakery sources from a number of fine and artisan ingredient purveyors. Below please read about some of our favorite collaborations:

Guittard Chocolate
 Guittard Chocolate Company is a San Francisco Bay Area chocolate maker celebrated for crafting world-class chocolate based on traditional French methods. Founded in San Francisco in 1868, Guittard Chocolate Company is the oldest continuously family-owned and operated chocolate-making business in the United States.
Cassata Bakery works with Guittard to select the best chocolate specific for each recipe, highlighting tastes and textures, bringing our products to life. We blend some of our favorite Guittard chocolates to create our signature milky dark chocolate that is our perfect blend of creamy milk chocolate with a touch of dark chocolate couverture for depth.
Kerrygold Irish Butter


Kerrygold is Ireland's much loved global food brand. The heritage dairy brand was created by Sir Anthony O'Reilly in 1962. His vision for the brand was to establish it as a premium brand, befitting the rich quality of Irish milk.
Cassata Bakery showcases this Irish liquid gold in our recipes; highlighting the rich flavor of grass fed cows with perfect pairs of sea salt, golden honey, roasted coconut and toasted locally milled flour. Our golden Irish butter hails from Ireland.
Maldon Sea Salt
 Named after the coastal town of Maldon, United Kingdom,These premium salt flakes have been hand harvested since 1882.  Four generations of master salt makers have been hand harvesting the naturally formed pyramid crystals that have become Maldon‘s signature.
Cassata Bakery is obsessed with the texture and flavor of Maldon, utilizing it in every recipe.  We believe in strong, balanced flavors and Maldon allows us to bring our roasted nuts, creamy chocolates, bright citrus notes and crispy buttery confections to life.
Wholesome Organic Sugar
 Wholesome provides the most delicious Fair Trade, Organic & Non-GMO sugars, honeys and treats. Established in 2001, Wholesome has made using unrefined ingredients possible, both at home and in the bakery.
Cassata Bakery is committed to best of class ingredients, and our sugar is no exception. We use organic cane sugar because there is more flavor,  unmistakable texture, and we think that the unrefined stuff just feels better. Our humble beginnings are flour, butter, sugar and eggs. We use the best to create confection’s you will cherish every time you send a gift.