Our Story

Cassata Bakery was started  by a pastry Chef and a Storyteller, who came together to create the inaugural  bakery “cases” of handmade goodness and joy in 2020. 
Like all creators, we saw ourselves in each recipe: just like our caramels, we too were salty blondes (or so we've been told). And yet, we felt sweet like honey found in our creamy hand rolled truffles. We lived for an unwinding aperitivo that continues into the night, until every last golden almond disappears. We longed for seaside holidays of jars brimming with bright lemon Pasticcini.  We took these memories and instilled joy in every case that Cassata Bakery sent in our first holiday season.
Since then, we have worked to bring Cassata into your life every day.  Whether it is a perfect Pasticcini, a creamy Honey Truffle or something special during for a holiday, the Cassata Bakery story continues to evolve. Focused on moments of joy and seizing the day with everyday luxury.

Katzie Guy-Hamilton is a nationally recognized Pastry Chef and creative, bridging the gap between healthy living, as both a Certified Health Coach and a passionate person-in-food.