Our Story

Our team is led by a pastry Chef and a Storyteller, working together to create and curate exclusive bakery “cases” of handmade goodness.
Like all creators, we see ourselves in each recipe: just like our caramels, we too are salty blondes (or so we've been told). And yet, we are sweet like honey found in our creamy hand rolled truffles. We live for an unwinding aperitivo that continues into the night, until every last golden almond disappears. We long for seaside holidays of jars brimming with bright lemon Pasticcini. Our story began when we met taking a dip into the world of chocolate, just like our crisp butter cookies. We are dreamers of the sweet life.



Rachel Graper is an experienced brand marketer based in New York City who currently leads marketing for the Italian Ginseng Company, Enzo Bevande.

Katzie Guy-Hamilton is a nationally recognized Pastry Chef and creative, bridging the gap between healthy living, as both a Certified Health Coach and a passionate person-in-food.